Cosmetic Dental Implants

dental patient smiling

At Smile Solutions, we want to help you and your family achieve better dental health, and that includes providing more fully-encompassed care that handles everyone’s needs. For parents with severe dental issues, we provide dental implants to restore your smile’s natural appearance and protect your oral health. If you have a missing tooth, we’re here to help enhance your dental care by giving you a variety of dental implant options to choose from to help restore your smile to its natural appearance.

The Importance of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer more than just a cosmetic enhancement. Dental implants are one of the only few cosmetic restorations to benefit your health truly! For replacing missing teeth, dental implants are some of the most technically advanced forms of dentistry available to families because, without dental implants, missing teeth can cause insurmountable problems. Once a tooth is lost, several events often occur over time to a person’s oral health. For adults and seniors with missing teeth, there are numerous side effects, such as:

  • Higher Risk of Continued Tooth Loss: Losing one tooth isn’t enough. Because your mouth works to maintain consistent harmony, losing one tooth can increase the risk of losing more teeth later on.
  • Increased Risk of Misalignment: If you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth will attempt to correct the missing space by shifting into the space created, causing malocclusion that is expensive to treat.
  • Greater Risk of Gum Disease: Misalignment in the mouth and missing teeth make the mouth more vulnerable to gum disease due to the uneven spaces within the mouth.
  • Heavier Risk of Tooth Decay: As bacteria collects in the mouth, missing teeth combined with poor oral health can increase the risk of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.
  • Inevitable Bone Loss: Because the teeth help stimulate the jawbone, having a missing tooth can lead to poor jawbone density and eventual bone loss.

Overall, having even one missing tooth can cause dental issues that can be expensive to correct over time, even while proper oral care is being utilized. For families needing more affordable solutions to restorative care, that’s why we’re here to help.

Why Offer Dental Implants At Smile Solutions

Dental implants don’t just work to fill the missing space. They also work to stimulate the jawbone to help it maintain its bone density and structure, preventing the onset of further tooth loss and jaw degradation. Implants can be an especially useful restoration for parents and grandparents wanting a complete smile makeover that’s effective for their health and beneficial to their smile.

At Smile Solutions, we can provide you with a cosmetic dental solution that meets all of your needs and takes care of your family. Our goal is to provide the most extensive and comprehensive dental care within our community, protecting the integrity of teeth everywhere for better, healthier-looking smiles. For more information about our implant options, contact our practice today to get started with affordable dental care.