Cosmetic Dentistry

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Whether due to naturally occurring concerns, trauma, or poor dental hygiene practices, patients often need a little help getting their best smile. Smile Solutions in Garden City, NY, provides a full suite of cosmetic dentistry services for their patients to ensure they can achieve a smile to be proud of. Our smile is an important part of our lives both socially, and as part of our professional careers, so it’s worth investing in getting the best possible result.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions Available From Our Experts

Below we present four of the options provided when patients are seeking cosmetic dentistry services from Smile Solutions. Each of these services is tailored to addressing one or more concerns commonly faced by our patients. From simple dental whitening to a full smile makeover, we’ve got the services you need to get your best smile.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening – Whitening is the most frequently sought cosmetic dental procedure on the market today. When over-the-counter options fail to meet your expectations, it’s time to seek professional care.
  • Composite Resin Veneers – One of our most popular cosmetic treatments, composite resin veneers are used to alter the color and shape of your teeth. They have the ability to quickly treat multiple cosmetic concerns simultaneously, including cracked, crooked, chipped, or stained teeth. They can even address minor gaps between teeth.
  • Lumineers – For patients who have cosmetic concerns that aren’t severe enough to warrant major orthodontic care, lumineers are often selected. Teeth that are slightly crowded, discolored, worn, misshapen, stained, cracked, or chip can all benefit from their ultra-thin design. Even better, their design allows them to create a flawless smile that looks natural.
  • Porcelain Veneers – One of the most popular veneer options available today, these veneers utilize the porcelain to create a custom shell that matches the color of your teeth. Their popularity is due to their durability and the slightly translucent appearance that mimics your natural teeth. They’re also a great solution for those suffering from sensitivity caused by thin enamel.
  • Smile Makeovers – A smile makeover is a comprehensive set of treatments tailored to the individual patient. Teeth whitening, veneers, implants, and bonding can all be part of the makeover process. During this treatment, skin tone, gum tissue, lips, and even hair color will be considered to create the best possible result.

Our smile is with us every day, at every important moment of our lives. It will be immortalized in photos, affect our chances at getting that promotion we seek, and influence our social lives on a day-to-day basis. Investing in cosmetic dental services ensures we always put our best foot further.

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