Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum disease can be a common problem for both children and their families, especially if good oral care isn’t fully established. This infection of the gums often occurs alongside other conditions, including tooth decay and tooth misalignment, and typically occurs most often with the accumulation of plaque. For families, gum disease can progressively worsen if it isn’t reversed with dental cleanings and good oral care. If you or your loved ones have some of the beginning signs of gum disease, we know how to treat it.

Gum Disease and Family Dental Care

Gum disease is caused by bacteria infecting the tissue lining and the teeth. For families, the first sign of gum disease is gingivitis or gum inflammation. Typically marked by a swollen, red exterior, gingivitis often occurs due to poor oral hygiene. Bacteria that haven’t been effectively cleaned will typically cause gum inflammation due to how harmful bacteria within our mouths cause plaque to accumulate, making it more difficult to control on your own.

For children, gum disease presents a heavy concern, especially as their primary and permanent teeth are still developing. Adults can also heavily suffer from gum disease, especially if hygiene habits aren’t reinforced regularly. However, there are also other causes for gum disease besides poor oral hygiene, including:

  • Smoking: Smoking tobacco products can cause significant health problems, especially for your oral health. Smoking directly and secondhand smoking can increase the risks of gum disease in patients.
  • Hormones: Hormones can also increase the likelihood of gum disease, especially in pregnant women, and other signs of hormonal imbalance.
  • Genetics: For some families, genetics can play a role in the increased likelihood of developing gum disease.
  • Medical Conditions: Other medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can increase the risk of gum disease.
  • Medications: Certain medications to treat blood pressure may also affect the gums and cause gum disease.

How Smile Solutions Treats Gum Disease

As dentists, gum disease is a condition we often confront due to how common it occurs in families. Families and gum disease can sometimes be inter-explicitly linked due to how prevalent the disease can become. During your appointment, our dentists will review your medical history and identify any factors that may contribute to your gum disease. For children, we take extra precautions and care in handling the condition. We can perform deep cleanings at our office to remove the infection and prevent it from spreading further.

Early diagnosis for gum disease is especially important for children, as gum disease can progress into periodontal disease, which is an advanced stage of gum disease that causes the gums to separate from the gum line, creating pockets of bacteria that can harm the teeth and jawbone overtime. We highly encourage parents to reinforce healthy brushing and flossing habits for their children, as these are the best preventative measures against gum disease.

For more information about our gum disease treatment, please contact our office to schedule at Smile Solutions appointment today.