How A General Dentist Can Help With Dental Anxiety

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If you consistently suffer from dental anxiety, then you’re not alone – approximately 36 percent of U.S. people fear getting dental treatment. In comparison, about 12 percent of people have an extreme phobia. As a common fear, having dental fear can stem from anything, from traumatic experiences, learning horror stories from others, and media representations of dental treatment. However, your general dentist can help you overcome your dental anxiety. 

How Can Your General Dentist Help You Through Dental Anxiety? 

While many people often don’t look forward to the dentist, some dread it and can dread it for various factors, including: 

  • Anesthetic Not Working: Most people fear their anesthetic won’t work during their treatment or fear the side effects of numbness. 
  • Bleeding During Procedures: In cases of dental cleanings, sometimes bleeding happens, especially when gum disease is present. Some people fear blood and may get panicked about the presence of blood during a procedure. 
  • Poor, Bad Experiences with Dentists: Some people have had negative experiences with their dentist previously, resulting in traumatic memories or passed on memories from others that cause worsening feelings of panic while at the dentist. 
  • Needles and Other Tools: Some people fear the injections and needles involved in some procedures, while others have fears related to the tooth drills and scrapers involved in cleaning out the teeth. 
  • Pain During Treatment: Many people are often afraid of the pain associated with some procedures, and those with high pain sensitivity may feel anxiety during their cleanings. 
  • Noises and Smells: Some noises from the drills or the specific aromas of a dental office can contribute to a panicked situation during dental treatment. 

Often, those with anxiety disorders, underlying phobias, and substance use disorders may also develop dental anxiety and dentophobia. However, your general dentist will be able to provide effective means for helping you through your dental anxiety by providing a safe, welcoming environment. Throughout your sessions, your general dentist will work with you to work on things such as: 

  • Pain Management Techniques: For those with sensitivities to pain, your general dentist may be able to provide pain management techniques to help you process the pain, understand it, and find relief during treatments. 
  • Relaxation Techniques: Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques can help relieve anxiety and panic symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath. 
  • Distractions: Some offices are equipped with distractions such as TV, movies, and music to help you relax during dental treatment. 
  • Explanations: As one of the essential aspects of your care, your general dentist should work with you and explain their techniques and treatments to help you feel more informed and secure during your treatment. 
  • Sedation Methods: In cases where phobias are severe, your general dentist may be able to provide sedation options to help you through your treatment. 

Contact Smile Solutions For Help With Dental Anxiety

At Smile Solutions, we can help you feel optimistic about your visit by discussing your concerns and struggles with your dental care. Through our team of compassionate staff members, we can help you have a good experience at our office and ensure excellent oral health. For more information, contact Smile Solutions today to start your journey toward good oral health. 

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