How Digital Technology is Used To Achieved Aesthetic Results

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When it comes to achieving perfect smiles, many dentists rely on their digital technology because, without those advancements, many of the treatments we have today would not exist. Treatments such as robotically-guided restorations, minimally invasive treatments, and oral surgeries depend on our current technology to achieve high aesthetic results from crowns, implants, and veneers. Through digital technology, patients are able to experience better dental care that meets their aesthetic demands. Let’s look at how this is possible through today’s technology. 

How Digital Technology Influences Aesthetic Results 

Digital technology impacts all of our lives, but in dentistry, it has an even more prominent influence on care and treatment. General dentists often rely on pieces of technology such as intraoral scans, CBCT technology, and software programs to document medical information, detect signs of cavities, and provide treatment plans for their patients. In other specialties, these technology forms help address aesthetic and health concerns, especially in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

An example of this for dentists who work within aesthetics can be seen in 3D printers. 3D printing technology has allowed dentists to digitally create models of their patient’s teeth and then program their technology to fabricate those models. This not only allows for better insight on the dentist’s part but also allows the patient to gain a more personal experience with their treatment options, especially if they are considering treatments such as crowns or implants. 

Another example of this can be seen with computerized cone beam technology. This technology provides an in-depth scan of a specific tooth, looking into the roots, pulp tissue, and nerve endings to better detect signs of decay and damage. From there, dentists can provide extensive treatment options to patients to decide which treatments would work best. 

How Does Digital Technology Benefits Patients in Aesthetics

In many ways, digital technology in dental offices empowers patients to be more conscious about the decisions they’re making about their treatment. Through various devices, dentists can provide treatments and diagnostics that enable patients in multiple ways, including: 

  • Clearer Visualizations: Digital technology gives patients an inside window into their diagnosis and treatments, allowing patients to visualize the areas of their teeth being affected and the root cause of their symptoms. 
  • Better Cost Comparisons: Dentists can use digital technology to explain their options, informing patients about the costs associated with their aesthetic treatments. 
  • Awareness of Pros and Cons: When gathering this information, patients can weigh the pros and cons of each treatment option and choose how they want to be treated by their dentist. 
  • Overall More Informed Patients: Through digital technology creates more aware and informed patients, making them more active in their healthcare and overall happier with their results. 

Innovation is the key to success in dental careers that focus on aesthetics. Dentists who keep up with the latest methods in dentistry can provide their patients with more options than ever before, thanks to the developments in digital technology. For more information about aesthetic treatment options, make sure to visit your local cosmetic or general dentist to learn more.

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