How Mouthwash Can Protect Your Oral Health

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Brushing your teeth, flossing every day, and a good rinse with mouthwash. These three factors are the primary components in maintaining good oral health. Along with this comes regular visits to the dentist and avoiding acidic and sugary foods. However, there are some who wonder if mouthwash is really necessary. Parents are often concerned about whether it’s effective and safe for their children. If you ever wondered if mouthwash is a good choice for you and your children, read on. We’ll let you know what it’s capable of and if it’s safe for your children.

Using Mouthwash To Protect Your Oral Health

Dental science has done quite a bit of research into the efficacy of mouthwash. It doesn’t take much to determine that mouthwash aids in preventing bad breath. The duration of this prevention varies from person to person, however. What is harder to determine by the layman is the effectiveness of mouthwash against tooth decay.   

Studies have revealed that antibacterial mouthwash can be very helpful in preventing dental decay. Plaque and gingivitis growth can be restricted, limiting the ability of tooth decay to advance. These factors mean that it’s essential that mouthwash be part of your oral health care routine. Many parents wonder whether or not these products are safe for their children. The following points describe how mouthwash use can be safe and effective for your family:

  • Fluoride mouthwash provides significant protection for children’s teeth
  • Alcohol-free options provide the benefits without the sting
  • Mouthwash flavors are available that are more palatable to children
  • Child-safe varieties can limit the risk of swallowing mouthwash

Some children are resistant to using mouthwash in the beginning. The stingy, tingling sensation it causes while being used can be unpleasant for some. Other children complain that the taste is unpleasant. With a little looking around, you can find products that are aimed at making mouthwash use pleasant for children. Eventually, with enough effort, you’ll find a variety that your child can use. This is important to ensure that they get the benefit of regular mouthwash use.

The Pros and Cons Of Using Mouthwash

  • Freshens Bad Breath – Oral rinses eliminate bacteria responsible for bad breath while cleaning out debris.
  • Prevents Biofilm – Plaque, and tartar levels are reduced and prevented from developing.
  • Can Cause Dehydration – Formulas free of alcohol provide all the benefits and without making your mouth dry out.

Guidance Is Available From Your Dental Provider

Any concerns you have about mouthwash and your children’s safety can be brought to your dentist. They’ll help you understand what the benefits to your children of mouthwash are and how to avoid the drawbacks. You can put together a list of questions for your pediatric dentist and hygienist during your next visit. Bring along the products that your family is currently using to ask your dentist about. When you leave, you’ll be confident that your children are getting the best oral health care. You’ll also know the products your family is using to care for their teeth are safe.

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