How Tooth Extraction Protects Your Smile

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Tooth extraction is one of the most frequently performed procedures in dental surgery. No one ever wants to lose a tooth, but doing so when your dentist or oral surgeon recommends it can be beneficial medically and enhance the overall health of your mouth. Even though the procedure might seem intimidating, you will be in safe hands with a highly qualified and experienced team.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Extractions?

Depending on your oral health needs, dental treatment may have two main objectives: preventing problems from worsening. In some severe oral health issues, extracting a compromised tooth before it can lead to additional issues is the only practical way to prevent further damage to your oral health. It is common practice to remove wisdom teeth. However, there are additional reasons for having teeth pulled, such as:

  • Flawed Structure: A fractured molar does not always require removal. Most broken or fractured teeth can be successfully repaired and preserved with custom-designed restoration. But a robust and natural tooth structure must still be present to save and maintain a restoration. Rarely, tooth damage that is too serious about repairing could endanger the oral tissues and nearby tooth structures. If the tooth cannot be saved, you should have it extracted and replaced as soon as feasible to safeguard the rest of your oral health.
  • Infected Teeth: Although teeth can eventually become severely infected, structural damage to some teeth happens less frequently. Such an infection, also known as dental decay, can spread deeper into the framework of your teeth the longer it is left untreated. Most of your healthy, natural tooth structure can be saved if dental decay is caught early and treated. On the other hand, if a tooth is severely decayed, it may not be easy to save. It may even endanger your oral health because of the increased risk of the infection spreading to additional teeth.
  • Impacted Teeth: Third molar impaction, also known as wisdom tooth impaction, is another prevalent reason why some people require tooth extractions, despite occurring less frequently than dental decay. When there is insufficient space at the end of your dental ridges for the third molars to appear correctly, wisdom teeth develop into impactions.

You’ll need replacement teeth after it’s been taken out. Your jawbone might not get enough stimulation if the gap is not filled, which could result in a loss of density and muscle. Eating problems may lead to nutritional deficiencies because chewing can release nutrients into the bloodstream. Before the procedure, your dentist will capture precise images of your mouth to understand better what is required and guarantee the surgery is effective and successful.

Tooth Extractions With Smile Solutions

The removal of teeth is typically emphasized rather than specialized. Make an appointment with Dr. Robert Berg at Smile Solutions by calling (516) 872-8780 immediately. We can help you regain trust in your oral health. The dentists at Smile Solutions place a high emphasis on maintaining your oral health. And we work to make sure you receive care while visiting our location.