Porcelain Dental Crowns

close-up of dental crowns

Crowns are some of the most innovative restorative treatments dentists have to offer! Crowns, or tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the teeth, restore the function of the tooth’s shape, size, and strength immediately. Dental crowns protect the tooth from any future damage and serve as a beautiful replacement. But what makes crowns so special? Dentists rely on crowns for numerous patients and present some of the highest and most essential restorations we can provide.

What Makes Crowns So Unique?

Teeth can get damaged for many reasons. Tooth decay, trauma, and discoloration are just a few of the many reasons someone would get a crown, but when is a crown truly appropriate? That highly depends on many factors – crowns provide a middle route between minor repairs such as fillings and bonding and major restorative treatments such as implants and dentures. Crowns can work in multiple settings. They can protect a tooth that still has its root and pulp healthy and intact and can protect a tooth that’s received a failed root canal treatment. What determines the crown’s application is whether or not your dentist determines that your tooth can be saved in comparison to the damage it’s received.

In many cases, crowns provide more protection and have a longer lifespan than composite fillings because crowns are a full coverage form of restorative treatment. Crowns are a highly durable restoration that matches the shape and size of your teeth, and most of all, don’t lose their aesthetic quality. Crowns act as a protective encasement for your natural teeth, and for patients looking for a more affordable option, our crowns treatment can help treat:

  • Broken/Fractured Teeth – Most often, crowns are used to help correct fractured teeth that have lost a significant portion of their enamel and can’t be replaced with bonding or fillings.
  • Decaying Teeth – Decaying teeth that have lost a portion of their enamel due to bacteria decay can also receive crowns as a way to protect the remaining dentin and enamel from future infections.
  • Fractured Fillings – Fillings that have degraded over time due to wear and stress can be completely replaced with a crown atop the tooth.
  • Failed Root Canals – For patients that have received a root canal that led to an infection, we can clean out the infection and replace the top of the tooth with a crown.
  • Baby Teeth – Adults with baby teeth can highly benefit from a crown because of its ability to cover and replace misshaped, premature teeth.
  • Cosmetic Enhancement – Crowns can also be used to enhance the look and feel of your smile as a cosmetic procedure.

Why Choose Smile Solutions For Crowns

Smile Solutions can provide comprehensive treatments for the entire family, meaning parents and grandparents can also receive treatment at an affordable cost. Our crown treatments come in a variety of options, meaning we will work with you to customize your dental treatment plan according to your needs and get the most out of your dental care.