ZOOM! Whitening

beautiful teeth after teeth whitening treatment

For many years teeth whitening has been reported as the most demanded cosmetic dental treatment, and Zoom! Teeth Whitening has been a popular choice. While over-the-counter treatments are available at any pharmacy, they often lack the strength to address more serious staining concerns. Professional teeth whitening is an option that provides exceptional results for hard to address dental stains. If you’ve been considering getting a professional dental whitening treatment and want to know what to expect, keep reading.

What To Expect As Part of your Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment at Smile Solutions

Zoom! Whitening treatments are one of the most popular methods for whitening teeth in a professional setting and are the ones that we prefer here at Smile Solutions in Garden City, NY. This procedure is very straightforward and painless, with no preparation needed to get notable results. Every treatment will have a final improvement of 2-3 shades.

  • Gum and Lip Protection – The first step of Zoom Whitening involves protecting the lips and gums from the whitening solution.
  • Apply Whitening Gel – Once the lips and teeth are covered, the hygienist will apply the whitening gel. This gel uses hydrogen peroxide to whiten by penetrating the teeth and breaking up the discoloration and staining within your teeth. This will remain in place for 15 minutes before being removed.
  • Lighting Boost – Once the gel is applied to your teeth, a special light will be used on it to enhance its effectiveness. This will remain in place until it the gel is removed. This process is often repeated three times per treatment, for a total of 45 minutes and three gel applications per visit.
  • Post-Procedure Fluoride – As whitening techniques can often cause dental sensitivity, it is customary for us to apply a fluoride gel to your teeth after the treatment to help strengthen them afterward.

It’s an important step to tell your dentist if you experience anxiety or have a significant gag reflex. Patients with these conditions often report having difficulty completing the entire treatment, so an adjusted process may be necessary to help you get the most out of your experience. Be aware that the whiteness you see following your treatment is not permanent and will shift over the next few days. The final improvement will be the 2-3 shades mentioned earlier.

Are You Ready For A Smile That Shines After Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

If you’ve been struggling with dental staining that keeps you from being proud of your smile and over-the-counter treatments just haven’t been producing the desired results, reach out to us today. We’ll schedule a meeting with Dr. Robert Berg so you can discuss your teeth whitening options. Every year we serve patients who have otherwise perfect smiles but have stubborn staining that just won’t go away. While Zoom! Teeth Whitening isn’t appropriate for every cause of staining; we can advise other options if it isn’t appropriate for your case. Call us as soon as possible and get started on creating the smile you’ve always dreamed of with Smile Solutions and Zoom! Teeth Whitening.