Our teeth are amazingly durable structures. This durability is due to the combination of phosphate, calcium, and other materials in their make-up. These minerals are also found in bones and the enamel and dentin that make up our teeth. As we age, these minerals can leach out of our teeth. This mineral loss can worsen this process through poor oral hygiene and eating foods high in acid or sugar. 

The Role Of Sugar In Accelerating Tooth Decay

Sugar, in particular, feeds the bacteria that produce the acid that results in tooth decay. If we don’t take steps to prevent the loss of these minerals, we can lose our teeth. Once they’re damaged or lost, there’s no way to restore them naturally. That’s why you must maintain a steady oral hygiene routine. Equally important is watching the amount of sugar you consume. These are some further steps you can take to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of sugar:

These are just a selection of oral health tips that you can combine with reducing sugar intake. Altogether developing these habits will help reduce your risk of cavities.

Contact Your Dentist For Further Guidance

Want to know more about how avoiding sugar can help improve your oral health? Schedule an exam and consultation with your dentist today. Their entire team will be eager to share important oral health care tips with you. While you’re there, you may as well get a cleaning to help protect your teeth from existing biofilms!

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