Aging brings with a bevy of health concerns that we have to manage or watch out for. Many of these conditions are thought to be an inevitable part of aging, including oral health concerns. When it comes to our dental health, there’s no reason that this needs to be true. The idea that tooth loss is a natural part of aging is a misconception. With proper care and routine dental visits, it’s possible to keep our teeth bright and healthy well into our old age. It just requires following a solid dental hygiene routine and maintaining consistent dental visits.

The Truth Behind Oral Health And Aging

Studies have revealed that it isn’t inevitable that our oral health will decline as we get older. However, what these studies have shown is that consistent dental hygiene and professional care are necessary to keep tooth loss at bay. One result that keeps occurring during this study is that a lack of consistent professional care can have a detrimental impact on our oral health. A combination of factors come together to make this care difficult for some senior citizens to get. Some of the things that play into poor oral health as we age are:

Each of the points on this list is a significant contributor to oral health concerns in the elderly. However, a major contributor to increased oral health concerns in the elderly isn’t health or hygiene. It’s a limited ability to afford proper dental care due to limitations in insurance, especially Medicare/Medicaid. Without receiving the proper care, the above list of concerns goes unaddressed or untreated. This leads to the following health concerns plaguing older patients:

Greater Senior Access To Dental Health Care Will Help

While every patient’s case is different, your dentist is always able to help maintain your oral health. Provided, of course, you can afford to get into their office and pay for the treatments. It’s essential that greater access to oral health care is made possible for seniors to ensure their smiles last a lifetime.

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