A Dentist’s Most Popular Brand Names

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A huge part of our careers revolves around dental products, or more specifically, dental products used by dentists to treat teeth. Rotary instruments, restoration materials, bonding cement, and fluid delivery systems are the tools of our profession, and these products give us the ability to treat complex cases of cavities and gum disease and mitigate the need for extractions. Many treatments we have rely on the success of these products, and today, we’re going to explore some popular brand names dentists use to treat your oral health.

The Cement of Our Profession: A Dentist’s Most Popular Brand Names

The majority of our procedures rely on having the right product for our technique. For instance, if we have a less than powerful teeth whitening solution, then the overall experience for our patients would be less than satisfactory, as the whitening solution will only whiten the teeth for a short amount of time. For us, it’s our job to make sure your teeth are healthy, so having successful products matters. But what does a good dental product look like?

To summarize, good dental products should have safety measures in place to protect people’s teeth, meaning these products are most often reviewed by organizations such as the ADA and FDA. Another aspect of good dental products is that the products, when used in clinical studies, should have a percentage rate of between 95 to 99%. This narrow percentile works to help mitigate the risks of failure during procedures. Both of these aspects help dentists work within their cleaning and surgical techniques and, for some provide great relief from outdated methods that have previously been less successful.

Hence why brand name is a reliable method for choosing products because it helps the dental community find and share information about how to handle more complex cases of tooth disease. Some brands that are considered reliable and successful include:

  • Kor: The Kor brand has developed a huge reputation for offering more powerful whitening systems for treatment, and those who are trained to use their products are able to provide patients with whiter teeth in no time at all, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Pulpdent: The Pulpdent corporation is a dental research and manufacturing company that has been around since the boom of the dental age, the 1950s. Their innovative products, including their bio-reactive restoratives, make them a highly trustworthy company in the eyes of dentists.
  • 3M: 3M is an international company known for its high-quality adhesives, so it makes sense that they’d invest in dental products. Their cement and adhesives are used by many dentists all over the United States because of their reputation and quality.
  • Omnichroma: The Omnichroma brand, produced by Tokuyama Dental, has an excellent reputation for its composite materials, as their ability to match aesthetic shades is ideal for dentists wanting a high-quality product.

Visit Your Local Dentist To Learn More!

These brands are just small examples of what the world of dentistry looks like, and dentists can get quite picky about their favorite products! If you find this fascinating, try speaking with your dentist at your next appointment!

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