Can You Get Dentistry Done While Pregnant?

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Pregnancy can transform a woman’s life, and for many expecting mothers, deciding how and when to get dental work done can be tricky. At Smile Solutions, we understand the concerns that you may have about your dental care during your pregnancy, and throughout this article, we’ll address common questions and provide tips on how you should receive your dental treatment while pregnant. 

Our Tips For Getting Dental Treatments Done While Pregnant

Maintaining your oral health is crucial throughout your pregnancy, as hormonal changes during this time can increase the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. It can also impact the baby’s health, increasing the risk of pre-eclampsia, gum disease, and low birth weights. With that in mind, here are our suggestions for how to best care for your dental health: 

When you are pregnant, your body becomes more sensitive to bacteria, and for pregnant women, it is highly recommended that pregnant women should get preventative dental cleanings and follow-up exams to help keep track of their health. 

  • Preventative dental work: Preventative dental work can be the best method for caring for your teeth because these sessions can help you avoid oral infections and help keep track of your hormonal health. 
  • Get Restorative Treatments: For those seeking restorative treatments, such as cavity fillings, crown placements, and veneers, these treatments can be performed. However, these treatments should be performed by the second trimester, as during this time, there’s a reduced risk of infection. 
  • Seek Out Emergency Care: If you need emergency care, then it’s crucial to seek your local emergency dentist for treatment, as a dislodged, cracked, or abscessed tooth can cause further infections and put your pregnancy at risk. 
  • Avoid Cosmetic Treatments: If possible, cosmetic or elective treatments should be avoided, including teeth whitening and fluoride treatments. These treatments should be postponed until after delivery to avoid exposing the baby to any risks while in the womb. 
  • Receive X-Rays If You Need Them: Sometimes, x-rays will need to be performed for dental procedures and emergencies. X-rays are a safe, appropriate method for diagnosis and won’t cause problems with your developing baby. According to the ADA and ACOG, no single diagnostic X-ray will produce a significant enough effect to cause problems with the developing embryo or fetus.
  • Pain Medications Are Safe: In many cases, medications are needed to help alleviate pain and promote healing. Your dentist will provide the appropriate amount of anesthesia needed to help you be comfortable during your procedures and offer antibiotics considered safe for pregnancy, including amoxicillin, clindamycin, and penicillin. 

Visit Smile Solutions For Quality, Compassionate Dental Care

Open communication between you and your dentist is essential to ensure the best possible care for both you and your baby. If you have any concerns about dental treatment during pregnancy, it is recommended to consult with Dr. Robert Berg at Smile Solutions. Our team will provide personalized guidance and address any specific concerns or questions you may have. Visit our office in Garden City South, NY, today by calling (516) 872-8780 to schedule an appointment.

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