The Top Signs Its Time To Replace Your Veneers

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Having veneers means having a beautiful smile that will last a long time. While veneers are considered a permanent restoration lasting up to 30 years, they can falter when not cared for or replaced. If you’re facing problems with your veneers, it may be time for a replacement. If you are unsure about the state of your veneers, our team at Smile Solutions can provide some of the top signs to help guide you toward the best decision for you. 

The Top Five Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Veneers

Practicing daily oral hygiene habits can ensure that your veneers are healthy and functioning to protect the lifespan of your investment. However, there may come a time when your veneers will need either a touch-up or a replacement. If you find yourself uncertain, then look out for the following signs: 

Your Gums Are Pulling Back

One immediate sign can appear with your gums. If gum disease is present, the gums can appear to be receding around the veneer edges and are an immediate warning sign. Gum disease can cause the veneers to fall off or cause your underlying teeth to fall out. 

Your Veneers Are Cracked Or Chipped

If your veneers are starting to appear cracked or chipped, they’re ready to be replaced. While most veneers are made with durable materials such as porcelain or composite resin, they can still be worn down over time. Having chips and cracks is both a functional and aesthetic problem, and they can cause further problems later on if not treated. 

Your Veneers Feel Uncomfortable To Wear

If your veneers feel like they don’t fit along your teeth, are too big, or feel too small, they should be replaced. Having veneers that don’t fit your smile can cause problems with jaw alignment and can lead to problems such as bruxism and even sleep apnea. 

Your Veneers Are Stained and Dark

If your veneers appear stained or highly pigmented, they should be replaced. Foods and drinks with pigments and tannins can easily undo the whiteness of your veneers and can be easily embedded into the materials, just like your natural teeth. The same can also apply to the bonding material used to adhere the veneers to your teeth. 

Your Underlying Teeth are Decaying

Most importantly, if your teeth are starting to decay underneath your veneers, then you need to replace your veneers and get treatment for your cavities. Cavities in these circumstances can be caused by the veneers becoming loose, and the cavities need to be treated first before receiving your replacement veneers. Having a healthy base for your veneers is the best way to protect your smile, so when cavities appear, treat them immediately.

Get Replacement Veneers at Smile Solutions!

At Smile Solutions, our team works to help our patients achieve their goals, providing them with numerous resources for excellent oral health. If you need your veneers replaced or seek veneer treatment, our practice will be glad to help. Schedule an appointment with Smile Solutions today to learn about our facilities, staff, and treatment options.

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