Understanding Vertical Root Fractures: Diagnosis and Dental Solutions

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Cracks and fractures can serve as significant problems for our teeth, and they can form in various ways. One example is vertical root fractures, a fracture that develops at the tooth’s root and extends toward the chewing surface. The team at Smile Solutions is versed in the latest treatment options for addressing fractures like these while preserving the health and function of the tooth. Below we’ll discuss vertical fractures, their symptoms, their causes, and how we can treat them effectively as part of your oral health care.

Learn About Vertical Root Fractures And How They’re Treated

There are a number of reasons you may develop a vertical root fracture. They can occur due to a traumatic injury that impacts the teeth, as the result of excessive biting forces, or even due to age. They often develop over time and may be asymptomatic for months or years before symptoms begin to show. 

Some common indicators you may be experiencing a vertical root fracture include the following:

  • Persistent pain that occurs during chewing or other moments of tooth pressure
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Tenderness or swelling of the gum around the affected tooth

The proper treatment method for these fractures depends on several different factors. Among them are the overall health of the tooth and how severe the fracture itself is. Treatments aim to restore the stability of the tooth, preserve healthy tissue, and relieve discomfort caused by the fracture. We use the following approach to treating these fractures:

  • Diagnosis – Proper diagnosis of vertical root fractures is critical. The symptoms from these fractures often mimic other oral health concerns. CBCT and digital X-rays are often used to examine the tooth’s structure and determine the fracture’s precise nature.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Root canal treatments are a tool that is often effective in preserving the health of teeth with vertical root fractures. They are used to repair the pulp within the tooth, reshape the tooth canal, and clean any existing decay or infection from the tooth. The structure is then reinforced and sealed.
  • Tooth Extraction – When the damage to the tooth is so advanced that the stability of the tooth is threatened, extraction may be necessary. This is only done in cases where the tooth is beyond saving through other means, as our primary goal is retaining natural dental tissue.

Our comprehensive approach to dental care ensures that we’ll develop the best possible treatment plan for your oral health needs. We’re dedicated to providing each of our patients with a focused, personalized approach to treatment that addresses their core needs.

Experience Comprehensive Dental Fracture Care At Smile Solutions

The dental care team at Smile Solutions brings experience and expertise to the care we provide for our patients. When caught early and treated properly, dental fractures can be addressed, and the health and stability of your tooth restored. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a dental fracture, reach out to our office by calling (516) 872-8780 or visiting our location in Garden City South, NY, today!

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