What is a Good Way to Find a Dentist When New in Town?

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Recently moving to a new location can be a fascinating time in your life. Having a new job, settling into your new home, and establishing a new routine can be great for you and your family. One of the biggest challenges with moving is finding the right dentists to care for your teeth. We’re here to provide helpful ways to find the best dentist near you, one that will provide you with the care you and your family need for years. 

What To Look For In A Dentist In Your Area

Getting together a healthcare team can take a long time because everyone’s health needs differ. However, finding a dentist soon can be easier than you think. If you have friends, family, or coworkers in the area, they can easily connect you with dentists they’ve worked with for years. If you have a primary doctor, they may also be able to provide recommendations for dentists they know. Before moving, you can also ask your current dentist about practices they know in your new town that would benefit your care. 

Gathering recommendations is essential before and during your move because all your tasks are set up and ready for the next step. That next step refers to speaking with your new dentist about how they treat their patients. Some questions you can ask your dentist during your consultation can include:

  • What are their qualifications? Certifications? Treatment options? 
  • Are they in your insurance plan’s network?
  • Does their schedule work with your schedule?
  • Are they close to home or work?
  • What is their policy on preventative dentistry?
  • How do they handle after-hours emergencies? (If they don’t handle emergencies in their office, they might be able to refer you to a dentist that does)
  • What are their prices like?
  • What is their policy on missed appointments?

Speaking with a new dentist can be intimidating, but it is vital for your care. No matter how qualified they are to treat you, if, you feel uncomfortable with their care, finding a new dentist can be your best choice.

Setting up a dental care plan is the next step if you find a dentist you like. Your dental care plan can include treatments you intend on having, your goals for your oral health, and payment options for treatments. If you have family members, then your dental care plan should also include scheduled appointments and treatment goals for their well-being. Dentists specializing in specific care areas may offer better plans that work for your family than others, so researching the different types of dentists you can see may also help you along the way. 

Another great way to look for a new dentist is to check their online patient reviews. Patient reviews through websites such as Google and Yelp can help you get a view of their bedside manner, how their staff operates, and other facets of their services. If you find poor ratings, always use your best judgment when considering your options, and even visit their office to see for yourself. 

Find a Dentist To Care For Your Oral Health Today

Your relationship with your dentist matters, and by scheduling an appointment with your dentist soon, you can get better insights into how you’ll receive the dental care you need most.

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