Why Mail-In Orthodontic Aligners Can Worsen Your Oral Health

Child in Sports With Misaligned Teeth

Mail-in braces have been a common commodity and have become a long-lived trend. However, it has become one of the most harmful trends available for children, teenagers, and young adults, hoping they can straighten their smiles. Mail-in braces are a good solution when looking for dental care through the internet. However, they come with risks that can be both detrimental and even irreversible. These variants of braces can be particularly dangerous for children with misaligned teeth, and we’re to provide the reasons why they need to be avoided at all costs.

Mail-In Braces: What’s The Harm?

Whether you’re taking your child to a pediatric dentist or you go to your orthodontist, they use methods that are backed by research and utilize safety steps to protect your or your child’s teeth during the alignment process regarding braces. During the alignment of a child’s teeth, their teeth will move gradually due to the shifting and pressure placed on their jaws and tissue structures within their mouth. Because of this, it’s known to be easier for children to straighten their misaligned teeth due to the ways that their body changes as they grow up.

With Mail-in braces, they attempt to offer appealing advantages over going to a dentist’s office. These advantages include cost-effective braces, enhanced straightening capabilities, and more straightforward usage. In reality, Mail-in braces cause far more problems than braces provided and installed by a dentist. Mail-in braces don’t use the proper safety steps, leading to restricted teeth movement, which presents a much higher risk to your child’s teeth.

  • Lack Of Oversight: Being trained in orthodontics, Dentists can ensure the health of your child’s teeth and gums. They provide numerous treatment opportunities for your child that online retailers cannot provide, and the opportunities offered by your dentist come with the assurance of safety and proper protocol.
  • Increased Risk Of Oral Damage: Mail-in braces have a tendency to pose a much higher risk of damage to your child’s teeth, gums, and jawline due to their lack of oversight. When placed within your child’s mouth, they can move the teeth too quickly or place a significantly increased amount of pressure along the jaw, escalating the risk of irreversible tooth damage and pain in their jaw.
  • Less Cost Effective: Due to the online retailer’s lack of oversight and increased risk of harm, the expenses of mending the damage to your child’s teeth and jawline can be far more costly than the initial treatment at a dentist’s office. Regardless of online retailers advertising affordable costs and rapid solutions, their devices pose more of a risk due to incorrect use by the patient.

Talk To Your Pediatric Dentist About Treatment Options

Due to the risks that mail-in braces can and have created, those seeking solutions must visit their dentist before deciding on any treatment options. A dentist can provide safe solutions for oral health that will benefit both you and your children in the long run in both a healthy and financial outcome.

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